What the Science Says about HFCS

Numerous experts from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from health professional organizations to consumer advocacy groups, have brought their perspective to the debate on high fructose corn syrup.

Science & High Fructose Corn Syrup
The majority of nutrition experts agree that high fructose corn syrup is safe and nutritionally the same as sugar. Here are some of their statements about HFCS:

  • "Sucrose is a 50/50 mixture of glucose and fructose; high-fructose corn syrup is, at most, a 45/55 mixture of the same monosaccharides. The notion that a 5 percent differential in fructose content has much of anything to do with current public health ills is more than a little far-fetched. The net effect of sugar excess is detrimental, no matter the sugar.” - David Katz, M.D., “Perils of a Sugar-Coated Scapegoat,” Huffington Post, 6/4/2012

In addition to expert opinion, considerable research on high fructose corn syrup has been published in prestigious, peer-reviewed journals. This research has passed the scrutiny of trained scientists, with no vested interest in the subject, who are able to review the adequacy of the design of the studies and the validity of the conclusions. Click here to see scientific research studies on HFCS.

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