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HFCS Science and Research

So what does the science say? While media and blog headlines have slammed high fructose corn syrup, scientists and experts have been evaluating the controversy and coming to different conclusions. Their view? Research shows HFCS, sugar and other sweeteners are basically the same from a health perspective. They have the same number of calories, are metabolized the same, and have the same impact on the feeling of fullness.

high fructose corn syrup researchConsiderable research on high fructose corn syrup has been published in prestigious, peer-reviewed journals. The studies published have passed the scrutiny of trained scientists with no vested interest in the subject and who are able to comment on the adequacy of the experimental design and the validity of the conclusions.

In this section, you can read overviews and the full text of published studies and reviews conducted by researchers and experts on high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners. Subjects include:

General Analysis
Obesity, Metabolism & Diabetes
Satiety (feeling full)
Scientific Panels

There are also a number of studies that get referenced all the time which attempt to uniquely link HFCS with weight gain and obesity. Count us among the skeptical. We share the science behind the headlines, and also bring you quotes from unbiased third party experts.

The Princeton Rat Study on Obesity and High Fructose
The USC Fructose Content Study
The USC-Oxford Study on Diabetes
The JAMA Article on Fructose and Hunger